Crimso Launches in Colombo with a crash course in Crowdfunding 101

Crimso, a Brooklyn based crowdfunding website, will be opening in Sri Lanka - it's official launch will be on the 23rd of April, 2014. at Park Street Mews. Join us to find out what these guys have to offer.
by Mazin Hussain


Steve Jobs: “Android….way ahead of Apple for contacts, calendars, mail”

In September 2010, Steve Jobs sent out an email to 100 key employees of Apple, pointing out his roadmap for 2011. Inside are some surprising revelations. For one, the controversial Apple boss pointed out in text what die-hard A...
by Yudhanjaya Wijeratne

opsl - news

Asian hackers attack Sri Lanka, 129 sites hit

April 15th is generally a good day for most Sri Lankans: post Avurudu, we’re usually working off the kiribath and lazily wondering whether to check the office mail or not. As it turns out, some people had other things to [&he...
by Yudhanjaya Wijeratne



An Idiot’s Guide to Picking a New Phone

My (somewhat crappy but functional of sorts) Windows 7.8 crashed a few weeks ago. From what the techies tell me, it’s a software problem. So since I know that a 7.8 will not receive the Win 8 update <insert Windows […]
by Senashia Ekanayake

Venture Engine Main Promo (1)

Ideamart + Venture engine: this is where you sign up

Local angel fund Lankan Angel Network has come together with Dialog’s Ideamart ICT developer platform to enable software developers who already working with IdeaMart to take the next step and access funding and mentoring to t...

featured_globatutor A local attempt at E-learning gone wrong

The internet was born with a single purpose: to ease the process of sharing information. As the internet has grown, the information we share has slightly changed, we have gone from text to pictures and in the future it’s like...
by Mazin Hussain



Calling all ladies: the Women’s Hackathon

Great news for all ye lady hackers who have not yet shown up at all the hackathons thus far: SLASSCOM, the US Embassy and Microsoft are teaming up to bring you an an exclusive womens-only Hackathon. This project is part […]


Softlogic takes an arrow to the knee

It looks like retail tech (and other things) giant Softlogic has been downgraded by Fitch Ratings from A- (lka) to BBB+(lka). While investors no doubt have much to say about this, what concerns us more is this statement: Weakn...


The UCSC Research Symposium: the five coolest projects we saw

It’s not often that one gets access to a whole host of research projects from a local university. Then again, the University of Colombo doesn’t hold its Research Symposiums everyday. At the 2013 / 2014 Symposium (which we a...
by Yudhanjaya Wijeratne



Soosci: the birth of a new social network

When we first heard tell of a social network being built in Sri Lanka, we were skeptical. Naturally. “Machang, I’m going to build the next Facebook” is easier said that done. However, once we got in touch the ...
by Yudhanjaya Wijeratne

hall of fame

Another Sri Lankan joins the Internet Hall of Fame

Popularity comes quick today. We hear of viral videos and YouTube superstars that actually make money for just putting themselves on the internet. But like those in the entertainment industry who’ve made a name for themselves...
by Senashia Ekanayake


Connecting Schools, Building Communities

 No, this is not an advertorial for Nokia. This project, appropriately titled Connect a School, Connect a Community, is founded on the basic premise of bridging the rural-urban digital gap and providing opportunities for rural...